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The goal of every presentation is movement. Whether you’re launching a product from a conference stage, pitching to a board behind closed doors, or even leading a team meeting, the goal is for your audience to behave or believe differently. To get results. 



But how do you do that? How do you ensure that your presentation moves your audience in the way you intend? Well, there’s a hack the most effective communicators have in common: a speaker coach. 



Speaker coaches provide the perspective and expertise needed to improve the results of any given presentation. And in our upcoming webinar, How speaker coaching can catapult the results of every presentation, four of our executive speaker coaches are going to pull back the curtain to show you how a speaker coach can help you: 


  • Craft compelling content
  • Create viral moments 
  • Account for cultural differences when speaking to international audiences 
  • Provide accountability to busy leaders 
  • Of course, nail your public speaking delivery 
  • And so much more! 


Who this webinar is for 


  • L&D managers who have teams that need to hone their public speaking skills 
  • Marketing/Internal communications teams who need to help their C-suite polish their delivery 
  • Event marketers who need their keynotes to be memorable 
  • Managers, Directors, C-suite, and Founders who present in board meetings often 
  • Anyone who has a big speech coming up and wants to grow in their career 


This will be a fireside chat featuring four executive speaker coaches. Feel free to submit a question regarding your upcoming talk and we’ll answer it live! The last 15 minutes will be reserved for Q&A.  




About the speakers 


Josh Storie 


Josh brings a diversity of presentation experience to his coaching. He spent five years learning to engage audiences as a singer/songwriter before serving as a Teaching Pastor where he crafted and delivered more than 40 unique messages per year. Having coached pastors, politicians, start-up founders, and Fortune 500 leaders, Josh is quick to understand new audiences and what it takes to move them. 



Kristin Eskind, Ph.D.


Kristin brings over 10 years of professional and academic communication expertise to her clients. Her coaching and content development work span a variety of industries including tech, design, the public sector, non-profits, and Fortune 100 companies. Her goal is to help clients communicate with clarity, authenticity, and passion, using their delivery as a vehicle to speak their mind and share ideas. 



Nicole Lowenbraun 


Nicole brings a unique perspective to the table, combining her years of speech-language pathology practice with pragmatic business acumen. She has coached thousands of executives from well-known brands and has experience working with clients who speak English as a second language. She’s also the co-author of Duarte’s latest book, Adaptive Listening: How to Cultivate Trust and Traction at Work. 



Doug Neff 


Doug has enjoyed coaching dozens of Fortune 500 executives to be their best selves in front of large audiences. He honed his own speaking skills over the course of a career talking in front of groups — pitching creative projects to C-suite executives, leading workshops, and spear-heading culture change initiatives. Doug co-authored our Captivate™ public speaking workshop and is also an accomplished writer and the winner of 3 Cicero speechwriting awards. 

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