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Attend our session 

Did you know better communication can reduce workplace friction? Employees trained on communication skills can stop workplace miscommunication before it even starts!  

But when a team regularly encounters miscommunication, projects can stall and fail, buy-in doesn’t occur, and employee morale can take a nose-dive. That’s why we’re so excited to offer an ATD session this year by our Senior Director of Communication Services, Maegan Stephens, and our Content Director & Executive Speaker Coach, Nicole Lowenbraun: How listening can improve employee morale and productivity.   

When you join us, you’ll get exclusive early access to a portion of our newest Duarte communication training, Adaptive Listening™, where you’ll learn: 

  • How better listening skills can resolve conflict before it evenstarts 
  • The 4 listening styles (similar toaDiSC®profile) 
  • How to accelerate employee productivity and improvemorale  

You can add us to your ATD schedule builder by searching the following:

  • “Listening” 
  • Sunday, 5/19 
  • Room 338 

Make sure to bookmark the session so it stays in your preferences! 

Visit our booth (we’ll have prizes!)

All the fun is happening at Booth #3608 this year! Stop by to take the Adaptive Listening Style Finder Quiz to learn your personal listening style, and for quick tips and tricks on how to communicate better based on this knowledge.  

In exchange for scanning your badge, you can spin our prize wheel for a chance to win: 

  • Signed copies of our newest Duarte book, Adaptive Listening 
  • Our on-demand communication training courses (some are a $400 value!) 
  • Bundles of our best-selling communication books 
  • Speaker Coaching sessions 
  • And more! 


Book a time to chat with us at ATD 

Our proven communication workshops have solved workforce challenges at thousands of companies. We can maximize your L&D efforts by solving yours, too! 

ATD-exclusive offer: When you schedule and attend a time to chat with us, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of our award-winning communication book, Presenting Virtually. But reserve a time today. We only have 100 copies to give away! 

Get your free book! Attend a meeting with us!